Akane "Jubei" Yagyu
Jubei Profile
Master Samurai
Gender Female
Likes Muneakira, Meeting New People, Eating
Dislikes Violence
Hobby Making nicknames for others
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue (Yellow when Transformed)
Height 5'6
Bust 90
Waist 58
Hip 87

The first Master Samurai to be contracted under Muneakira Yagyu, Jubei is one of the most powerful Master Samurai in Japan and the first main heroine of the series.


Akane has a detailed hairpin and a sword-guard in her hair. She wears a pink sweater-dress with red ends and a white string looping through. On her back, she has a Japanese drum with a long, tied white cord attached to it. At the end of the cord is made into what appears to be a brush, with a black holder with lettering on it, possibly the Yagyu surname. On her legs, she wears white tied cloths on her upper thighs, brown shin-guards, and black sandals. Her pact mark is located in between her breasts.


Jubei is a fearsome warrior, although when contracted to Muneakira, she became innocent and unaware of who she was, since the pact was incompletely done. This in effect gave her blue eyes, instead of the yellow she usually had. Jubei is fiercely loyal to Muneakira, in either state, and refuses to let anything happen to him.


Normal Form:Edit

With the pact incomplete, Jubei is nothing more than a below average samurai, but as she began to develop feelings for Muneakira, she was able to tap into her full power.

Strangely enough, Jubei also has the ability to speak Monkey, allowing her to communicate with Sasuke.

Master Samurai Form:Edit

Once she kisses Muneakira, she becomes her true self, with her power level reaching over 5 Million (according to Hanzo Hattori). This is also not her true power, as at the moment of documentation by Hanzo, the General (Muneakira) was not fully complete as well.


  • Jubei has a Combat Book made for her for the Queen's Gate series, a spin off of the Queen's Blade franchise.