Charles D'Artagnan
Charles Profile
Artificial Samurai
Gender Female
Likes Origami, Yoshihiko
Hobby Making Origami
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Red
Height 5'7
Bust 92
Waist 69
Hip 94

Charles D'Artagnan is an (originally) artificially created Master Samurai contracted under Yoshihiko Tokugawa.


Charles wears a black western-styled hat, with a black and white striped fur tail on the top. She wears a yellow striped cloth, and a purple and golden open shirt on her torso. She wears detailed steel gauntlets on her arms, a frilled teal skirt, and extravagantly designed cloths surrounding it. On her right leg, she has several metal bands, with a steel leg guard with silver boots.


Once a transfer student from France, she was lured to the Buou Academy by Yoshihiko to be used in his experiments. She is a shy and kind person, but will fight for those she is loyal to, unless it goes against her beliefs.

She developed a romantic relationship with Yoshihiko, which remained through the betrayal and off attitude Yoshihiko presented to her.


Charles fights with two large, double-edged blades, and is able to utilize the different elements via the phrase, "Mode Change" and is able to augment her fighting strength tremendously. However it takes a huge toll upon her, and she has to take time between each mode. Her pact mark is located on her left hand.

Mode Change: Flame (Fire): A mode wherein Charles can influence the element of fire.

  • Hellfire- An attack channeling the flames of hell charging unto her opponent. This attack was so powerful that it was able to break Gisen's shield.

Mode Change: Glass (Ice): A mode wherein Charles can influence the element of ice.

  • Hyouga (Icy River)- An attack where Charles creates a river-like flow of ice, freezing anything in her way.

Mode Change: Tornado: A mode wherein Charles can influence the element of wind.

Mode Change: Vent: A mode wherein Charles can can create vital explosions at her opponents.