The Return of the General


Kanji' 将(ジェネラル)の帰還
Rōmaji Magan no Rōgoku
Air date November 28, 2010
Opening Theme Last Vision For Last
Ending Theme Koi ni Sesse Tooryanse
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The Slave of the Kiss
The Prison of the Evil Eye

"The Return of the General" is the ninth episode of the first season of the Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls anime.


Yoshihiko Tokugawa returns to Great Japan a week ahead of schedule while Kanetsugu, Hanzo, and Matabei still contemplate kissing Muneakira to unlock their Master Samurai powers. Gisen talks alone with Muneakira out in a shed which eventually leads to her using her yet undisplayed Master Samurai power to take control of Muneakira when he refuses her advances. Gisen uses her control over Muneakira to aid her fight against Jubei, Hanzo, and Sen in hopes that if Muneakira kisses Jubei while under her control, it will invalidate the previous Master Samurai contract established between them. Yoshihiko appears during the fight with Charles D'Artagnan and orders Charles to attack Gisen. Charles uses her artificial Master Samurai mode change to eventually defeat Gisen temporarily. In the end, Charles reveals Project Inzanami to Hanzo, Matabei, Yukimura, and the knocked out Kanetsugu while Yoshihiko reveals Project Inzanami to Sen. Jubei and Muneakira are currently held as research subjects of the project.