Secret of the Chingo Stone


Kanji' 謎の影
Air date June 7, 2013
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"Secret of the Chingo Stone" is the tenth episode of the second season of the Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls anime.


Kojiro questions the ghost in the cemetery about the reason reviving the Dark Samurai; Matabei, Hanzo, Kanetsugu, and Gisen wait in the dojo; and Muneakira, Jubei, and Yukimura question Sen about the Chingo Stone. It's revealed that the Chingo Stone lies at the base of Mt Fuji and controls Japan's accumulation of Qi, thus protecting it from unstable Qi. Great Japan was founded by the Chingo Stone being placed there and is continually held together by the stone, however, the ghost wishes to use the Dark Samurai to destroy the Chingo Stone. The ghost's only desire is for war due to their disapproval of the Tokugawa's power. Yoshihiko's master samurai have thus far stopped them but in their defeat against the Dark Samurai, Charles dropped the name of Jubei as the real identity of the one who defeated Amakusa. This gave Yoshihiko a month for repairs, but the ghost was angry because Musashi got hung up on the battle allowing Yoshihiko that time. Mataemon heard everything and becomes enthused about her condition. Inshun is plagued by being an "empty vessel". Mataemon goes off on her own to find the Chingo Stone while Musashi vows to kill Mataemon. At the dojo, everyone desires to become the Samurai Bride until Yukimura reveals the conditions for it. First, a General must possess seven Master Samurai; second, the seven must share a bond of trust centering on one Master Samurai; and third, the other six must pour all of their Qi into the trusted Master Samurai channeled through the General. Should everything work (as historically, there's precedence that everyone died one time conducting the procedure) when the Samurai Bride is born, everyone else dies.