The Goodbye Kiss


Kanji' さよならの忠
Rōmaji Hajimete no Chū
Air date December 19, 2010
Opening Theme Last Vision For Last
Ending Theme Koi ni Sesse Tooryanse
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The Samurai from France
True Shadow, Now Open

"The Goodbye Kiss" is the twelfth episode of the first season of the Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls anime.


Jubei Yagyu makes the complete contract with Muneakira. Hanzo, Matabei, and Kanetsugu protect the students while Jubei, Yukimura, and Sen goes out to take on Gisen. Yukimura and Sen make the true contract with the now fully capable general Muneakira. Jubei makes it inside the "palace" which holds Amakusa and Gisen while Hanzo, Matabei, and Kanetsugu are overrun. While Gisen attempts to suck out Jubei's spirit, the artificial Master Samurai break through the barrier to reinforce the defenders. Charles having been resurrected brings Yukimura and Sen back allowing Muneakira to aid Jubei. Jubei is now the combination of the incomplete Jubei and the Master Samurai Jubei as noted by her combined different eye colors. To defeat Gisen, Jubei takes her into outer space but dies by this too. Buou Academy is being restored. Muneakira, Sen, Yukimura, Hanzo, Matabei, and Kanetsugu are shown waiting at the sunset with each disappearing as time goes on but as Muneakira turns to leave, a bright light is seen in the sky. The light is the same as when Jubei first appeared and in the dvd/blu-ray release, its shown after the credits that Jubei returns to them and shares a kiss with Muneakira.