Gisen Yagyu
Gisen Profile
Master Samurai
Gender Female
Likes Amakusa, Jubei, Deception
Hair Color White
Eye Color Teal
Height 5'4
Bust 80
Waist 62
Hip 87

Gisen Yagyu is a Master Samurai contracted under Amakusa Shiro.


Gisen wears a red and gold eye-patch over her right eye, in order to conceal its abilities and not draw undue attention. She wears a light blue school uniform, with blue leggings and red shoes.


Gisen first appeared to Muneakira, as a girl who had lost her memory, and attempted to be misguiding with her provocative approaches. She believed that a General and a Master Samurai's relationship was more akin to a master and slave relationship, in which the slave will do anything to please the master, and she attempted to act out her ideals on Muneakira. Because of this, it is also assumed she has masochistic tendencies. However, it was soon revealed that she was actually contracted under Amakusa, and her only goal was to get rid of Muneakira and bring Jubei back to their side, so that they could finally get their plans underway.

After her return, Gisen was shown to be more docile, although she still approaches Muneakira with a lustful passion.  This may be due to her master's awakening being many years away, leading her to the conclusion that she may as well enjoy herself until he awakens.

On occasion, she will have delusions of erotic situations between herself and either Muneakira or Jubei.


Gisen is extremely powerful, rivaling or even matching Jubei's full strength. She wields a black, scissor-styled blade with teal butterfly and flower designs upon it. She is very persuasive, and with her provocative approaches, its quite easy for her to get into the minds of weak-willed men.

Ice-Element: As a master samurai, Gisen wields the element of ice.

  • Hjoranjin (Ranging Icy Sword): An ice-element attack where Gisen releases a thousand ice spears dashing unto her opponents.
  • Zettai Reido (Absolute Slavery): Gisen's very offensive move where she freezes her enemies into ice and smashes them down to pieces.