Hanzo Hattori
Hanzo Profile
Head of Student Council
Gender Female
Likes Sen Tokugawa
Dislikes Outlaws, anyone who shows disrespect to Princess Sen
Hobby Serving Sen
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue
Height 5'6
Bust 85
Waist 50
Hip 83

Hanzo Hattori Yoshinari is the head of the Student Council Police, and also Sen's personal bodyguard.


Hanzo wears a maid outfit, although altered to suit battle needs. She altered it to have blades at the bottom of the dress, and long black geta.


Hanzo attempts to come off as a strict, demeaning person, who likes to have control over others. In reality, however, she seems to have masochistic tendencies, as seen with her relationship with Sen Tokugawa. She doesn't like others disobeying her, and wants to ensure that the law of the land is followed.

Due to her masochistic desires, she tends to knowingly anger Sen (when the situation isn't dire) in hopes of receiving some form of punishment afterward.


Hanzo mainly uses her glasses, which contain technology capable of gauging a fighter's strength.

Hanzo is the head of the Student Council Police, a secret service force entailing the authority to silence anyone who defies the rule of the land.

Hanzo also has many BDSM-related skills, including being a master of Kinbaku (緊縛?) meaning 'tight binding' or Kinbaku-bi (緊縛美?) which literally means 'the beauty of tight binding'.

When not in her Master Samurai form, she usually uses her dress-blades to attack, mainly by spinning on her geta fast enough for them to cause deadly damage. She also fights with dual katana, attaching them at the ends to use as a dual-sided weapon, and various shuriken and kunai.