Kanetsugu Naoe
Naoe Profile
Warrior of Love
Gender Female
Likes Justice, Being Righteous
Dislikes Evil, Being treated like an idiot, being ignored.
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Brown
Height 5'3
Bust 78
Waist 63
Hip 80
Kanetsugu Naoe is the self-proclaimed "warrior of love" and a childhood friend of Yukimura Sanada.  The other heroines have nicknamed her "dog."


Kanetsugu wears a white undershirt and a black buttoned vest, with a white tied cloth holding her Suito gourd. She wears a grey pleated skirt, black thigh-highs with flower motifs, and red shoes.



Kanetsugu is a loud, talkative person, who is also clumsy at times. She believes in the righteous way of love, and will not let anyone stand in her way of achieving that goal. She also appears to be quite dull, not comprehending the situations that she is in, often acting out when she is not supposed to. The way she acts usually annoys the other Master Samurai, particularly Yukimura.


Normal Form:Edit

Kanetsugu wields a giant hammer, which she is capable of swinging quite easily and causing tremendous damage.

Master Samurai Form:Edit

When transformed, Kanetsugu still makes use of a hammer, except with one end of said hammer's head being pointed instead of flat.

  • Kenka Goma (Fighting Spinning-top): A powerful attack wherein Kanetsugu releases a spinning-top (the pointed end of her hammer's head) from her hammer, which can attack enemies at a distance with tremendous force.