Kojiro Sasaki
Sasaki 4
Gender Female
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Grey
Kojiro Sasaki is one of the Dark Samurai.


Physically, she has long purple hair with a fair white complexion to her skin. She wears a black kimono with a simple white floral design on her right shoulder, sleeve ends, and lower portion.


Although she is drawn to fighting strong opponents, she doesn't favor a true state of war as she may not be able to tell her enemies from her allies.


One of the four Dark Samurai, she relies upon her intellect as often as her physical strength.

Due to being resurrected improperly, her eyes won't recover completely, so she is able to see all sorts of things. Using her power, which is often signified by a black piece of equipment placed over her eyes, she is able to filter out the unnecessary items from her sight.