Maeda Keiji
Maeda 2
Gender Female
Likes Women
Dislikes Men
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Violet
Maeda Keiji is a wandering samurai who hates men.  As a childhood friend of Kanetsugu, Keiji had taken her appearance to initially teach the girls how to use Qi. 


Her Ecchi trends imply that she realized the size of the breasts of other women, often touching and comparing their size to determine who is the greatest.  Her hatred for men led her to refuse to teach Muneakira how to use Qi, often physically hitting strong enough to send him flying when he searched, but says she likes guys like Muneakira.


She is a master of Qi, a master of disguise, and also wields an umbrella in battle.


  • Her method of choice for long-distance travel is by motorcycle.
  • Her nickname, "Maedake," was given to her by Jubei.