Master Samurai are warriors who are contracted under Generals, to assist in battle and help fight wars. Master Samurai are female, while Generals are male.

Summary Edit

In order the form a contract, the General and Master Samurai first share a kiss. When this condition is fulfilled, the newly awakened Master Samurai can transform and make use of her power as she wishes. However, as long as her power is active, the General is unable to move.

It was later revealed that the power of the Master Samurai was centered around Qi.

Known Master SamuraiEdit

Muneakira Yagyu:Edit

Yoshihiko Tokugawa:Edit

Amakusa Shiro:Edit


Aura is the energy that the Master Samurai gives off during battle, with the color differing with each General. The stronger the Master Samurai is, the more prominent the Aura tends to be.

General Aura ColorsEdit

Muneakira Yagyu - Black

Yoshihiko Tokugawa - Purple

Amakusa Shiro - White