Matabei Goto
Matabei Profile
Gender Female
Likes Yukimura, Hot Baths
Hobby Fighting Instructor
Hair Color Light-Blue
Eye Color Brown
Height 5'7
Bust 94
Waist 60
Hip 93

Matabei Goto is the bodyguard of Yukimura Sanada and her loyal subordinate. She often looks after Yukimura, since before meeting Muneakira, Yukimura lacked physical strength.


Matabei wears a green cut-off sweater top that stops just before her midriff and a fundoshi with a large knot near the back of her waist. On her feet, she wears dark-blue socks with tied cloths near the top and black slippers.


Matabei is a quiet person, as she doesn't share most of her feelings and keeps to herself. Because of this, she has become very protective of people she is fond of, mainly seen with her relationship with Yukimura Sanada. She is also very loyal to the people she is obligated to protect, and would rather die than see any harm come to them. Because of her stature and occupation as a bodyguard, she sometimes comes off as intimidating.


Normal Form:Edit

Matabei is a strong warrior, able to hold her own against most warriors, even some Master Samurai. She primarily wields a Yari in battle, but also has a Tanto as a secondary weapon for fighting opponents in close encounters.

In addition to her skills in combat, Matabei also has a very sensitive nose, surpassing those of most dogs. This allows her to track targets using only her sense of smell.

Master Samurai Form:Edit

Matabei is her weapon becomes a giant calligraphy brush with a retractable spear head.