Sen Tokugawa
Sen Prof
Master Samurai
Gender Female
Likes Having her way, Muneakira
Dislikes Disorder, Yukimura, any woman who tries to get close to Muneakira.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Purple
Height 5'5
Bust 85
Waist 60
Hip 90

Sen Tokugawa is the eldest daughter of the Tokugawa Shogunate, and Muneakira's childhood friend. She is the third Master Samurai contracted under him.


Sen wears a long grey sweater with a orange necktie and a white pleated skirt. She wears black thigh-highs on her legs and brown boots.


When Sen transforms, she wears a deep purple open kimono, with a water lily motif. Her grey sweater is now darkened, and shorter, now showing her midriff, but she retains the white skirt and black black thigh-highs, but her boots have changed design. Her pact mark is on her right hip.


Sen is a pompous, harsh woman usually giving no notice to Hanzo, treating her just like a servant. However, as she began to reunite with Muneakira, she began to open up to others, albeit slightly. After becoming a Master Samurai, she became jealous of other girls kissing Muneakira, showing that she had feelings for him, which appear to have manifested during her childhood.


Normal Form:Edit

Sen usually wields a naginata outside of her transformation, and is highly skilled in the use of it.

Master Samurai Form:Edit

When she transforms, she can wield lightning as her weapon and also has several seals available to nullify demonic magic. Her transformation phrase is "Tenga Ryurei," which means "Elegant Beauty."