Yukimura Sanada
Yukimura Profile
Master Samurai
Gender Female
Likes Muneakira, Matabei
Dislikes Being called flat chested, Sen
Hobby Feng Shui reading
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Height 5'1
Bust 70
Waist 49
Hip 68

Yukimura Samanosuke Sanada hails from the Toyotomi clan and is the second Master Samurai contracted under Muneakira Yagyu.


Yukimura wears a side-less, short red dress with a black belt, with brown ends interlaced with brown string. On her head she wears a hat in the shape of a fan, and on her arms she wears a red glove and black cloth on the right, and a red bracer and black band on the left. On her legs, she wears white thigh-highs with a brown flower motif, covering the bottom.


When Yukimura transforms, she wears an open red and black kimono, and she wears a small red top covering over her white under-suit. Her hat grows larger, and becomes more ornate, and her shoes change into white and pink multi-soled sneakers. Her pact mark is located on her left part of her bottom.


Yukimura has a genius-level intellect, although her small frame and nature appear to tell otherwise. As a result of being underdeveloped, she is self-conscious about her image, and doesn't like to have her underdevelopment pointed out. In order to further hide this, she acts somewhat harsh to others, such as ordering Matabei around and being protective of Muneakira.


Normal Form:Edit

Yukimura is a keen Feng Shui reader, the best amongst the Toyotomi clan. She can read into the future; although, at times, the messages she receives are cryptic.

Master Samurai Form:Edit

When she transforms, she is able to manipulate the wind, with devastating force. Her transformation phrase is "Fushaku Shinmyo," which means "Self-Sacrificing Dedication."  Her weapons are a pair of large fans, which she can also use as shields.